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Web Hosting Environment, Security, & Support

ADC provides an affordable hosting solution, with optimum protection for your website, including:

  • Website Hosting $195/year
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 200 GB bandwidth/50,000 hits/month
  • 24/7 server monitoring with weekly site backup
  • Additional Server Space (1 GB) $10/month
  • Additional Bandwidth (200 GB/50,000 hits) $10/month
  • Transfer of existing site $79

Top-of-the-line Servers

ADC’s servers are set up in a load balancing configuration that ensures the highest rate of uptime, availability, and redundancy. Our servers are on a nightly-scheduled backup routine to ensure that data is archived. In the event of a hardware-related breakdown, all of ADC’s servers have a same day on-site warranty for hardware replacement.

Reliable Backup Systems

We have both UPS and generator power backup systems in place to handle any sort of power disruption, whether it is short-term or long-term.


We have redundant ISPs at other locations to ensure that in the case of an outage or other downtime, all traffic to your website gets routed to an active connection.

Network Security

ADC’s core network is made up entirely of the latest Cisco and HP Procurve technologies, providing the security, speed and reliability that our customers look for and expect. We have in place IDS/IPS systems for monitoring attacks on our network so we can keep up with the latest trends in security threats. Our internet service provider (ISP) has existing equipment in place, deployed, and ready on-site in the event that ADC would need additional bandwidth for our customers.

24/7 Monitoring

ADC’s Web and IT staff monitor, on a daily basis, new virus threats and security risks. Updates are performed as appropriate to ensure that our OS, Anti-Virus, and software packages are providing the most current protection possible against these threats.

System Outage Safeguards

In the event of a system outage, we have monitoring systems in place that automatically notify our IT and Web teams so that we can react to these situations in a timely manner. ADC has been able to maintain an uptime and availability rate of over 99 percent over the past five years.

Fire Protection

Each of our redundant data centers has the latest technology in fire suppression systems, which allows us to protect our customer’s and ADC’s investments.

Climate-controlled Environment

Our servers are kept in a climate-controlled environment, where temperature, humidity, processor load, network load, and uptime are all monitored.