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New Site Launched for MAXimizing Families

May 10, 2013

MAXimizing Families is a new company in the Chippewa Valley that focuses on family development. ADC was able to create a sleek website with an inviting color palette for MAXimizing Families. The site is not cluttered which makes finding information quick and easy. Google Forms were used for easy registration and record-keeping. ADC’s graphic artist created a new logo for the company based on input from the company’s team members. The brochure also turned out quite well, you can view that here.

They have the ability to edit and push updates live whenever they choose. This website was completed using responsive design. This means that depending on your screen's resolution, whether it be your desktop, tablet or phone, the site will adjust to give you the best user experience. It also removes the burden of updating two different versions of the website.

Take a look at their new site at

Barron, WI City, Chamber, Economic Development Site Redesigned

April 1, 2013

Barron, WI recently launched a newly redesigned site programmed by Applied Data Consultants. Their new site's homepage features a rotating banner containing recognizable sites throughout the city. Other features of the site include: user-friendly navigation, an easy-to-use Google Search option, Google Calendar integration, Flickr galleries, and interactive demographic maps. Their site also includes a special section where area business can advertise. Members of Barron's web team have access to edit and push updates live whenever they like.

Barron's website was completed using responsive design. This means that depending on your screen's resolution, whether it be your desktop, tablet or phone, the site will adjust to give you the best user experience. It also removes the burden of updating two different versions of the website.

Take a look at their new site today!

Chippewa Vally Therapeutic Massage Website Launched

March 21, 2013

ADC recently launched a website for Massage Therapist, Eric Willmarth. The site features a rotating banner which showcases the benefits of massage therapy. Office hours and location are easily accessed on every page of the site and definitions of Eric's services are also provided to ensure his clients understand and choose the appropriate therapy.

Eric has the ability to edit and push updates live whenever he chooses. This website was completed using responsive design. This means that depending on your screen's resolution, whether it be your desktop, tablet or phone, the site will adjust to give you the best user experience. It also removes the burden of updating two different versions of the website.

Check out Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage's new website today!


ADC4WEB to Build Campaign Donation Kiosk

December 31, 2012

ADC was awarded a contract to build a donation kiosk for Aspect Consulting, LLC. This kiosk will be placed in Victory Centers and will allow the user to easily make a credit card donation to the candidate of their choosing. Due to various compliance issues most victory offices do not accept contributions on site, but this credit card payment form will now allow for that to be possible.

When this project has been completed ADC4WEB will have helped with the hardware, software and branding/marketing of this new kiosk model.

ADC4WEB's New Go-Live Dashboard

ADC has recently created a "Go Live" Dashboard for all of our ADC4WEB clients!

This means that you are able to push the changes you have made through our content editor to your live site any time you like without having to contact a member of our web team.

The new dashboard also allows you to chat with a member of our web team during business hours.

If you need more information on how to log into your Go Live Dashboard, please contact Jen at

Political Consulting Firm Website Goes Live

ADC4WEB recently launched a site for a Political Consulting firm based in Madison, WI. ADC4WEB was not only responsible for the site's design, but also created a logo for the newly formed firm. The firm needed a professional website to showcase its offerings and to tout its experience.

This completely new site features an easy-to-use and eye-pleasing layout with a color scheme that matches their new logo. There is a simple contact form that users can easily fill out to reach the owner.

Check out their new site!

Adapting to and Embracing Change

September 26, 2012
By Jim Ward, President

We’re entering our 17th year of offering geospatial and web solutions to our clients. Our industry has changed tremendously during that time and our staff has had to adapt quickly to those changing trends to keep ADC ahead of our competition.

Fortunately, ADC has employees who not only accept change, but embrace it and lead it. We are a company of innovators not only because we want to be, but because we need to be.

It has allowed us to continue to bring new products to market such as Elite EXTRA, our routing and tracking tool that just celebrated three years and now helps deliver nearly $100 million in auto parts monthly to clients in 32 states and Canada.

And it’s helped us to continually improve our web mapping application – WebGUIDE – for our county clients over the past decade, now WGX is now in 25 counties and our new mobile version will be introduced before the end of the year.

We’ve also grown our ADC4Web division, with nearly 50 websites showcasing everything from small businesses to large economic development corporations and everything in-between. We’re continuing to improve on these services and are holding brainstorming sessions to see how we can enhance our current offerings and provide additional services.

These are just a few of the things we’re working on to improve our products and services for our clients.

Leading these efforts now is Susan Marcott, whom I’ve recently promoted to CEO. Susan has been with ADC for six years and has a broad background in both government and the private sector.

As President of ADC and Extra Trax, my time was stretched too thin to be able to continue to grow both. Given EXTRA is still in an infancy stage to some extent, my time was needed to incubate the product and to make sure it grows to its full potential.

ADC, thanks to all of our great clients, is more mature in both services and products, and is in good hands with Susan and the rest of our team who have been part of the company for many years and who are committed to the same great services we’ve always provided.

As for me, I am not going anywhere. I will continue to serve as President and will be involved in all major aspects of the company, while the rest of the team will handle the day-to-day challenges.

Thanks for your past, present and future support!

Applied Data Consultants Names New CEO

August 16, 2012

Applied Data Consultants, Inc. (ADC) President Jim Ward announced today that Susan Marcott has been named CEO of ADC, a web application development and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) firm headquartered in Eau Claire, Wis.

According to Ward, "Susan has been instrumental in promoting ADC and our latest product, Elite EXTRA and is a big reason for our recent success and growth. She has proven to be an innovative and creative thinker, something we need as we look to expand and capatilize on our current talent and expertise in the software as a service (SaaS) markets."

Marcott, who has been with ADC for six years, previously served as Vice-President/Marketing Director before being promoted to her new post.

Prior to coming to ADC, Marcott spent 15 years in the Wisconsin State Senate and several years in the newspaper industry.

A University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire alumni, Marcott is originally from rural Chippewa County.

Ward is the founder of ADC and Extra Trax, LLC, which has 40 employees and branch offices in San Francisco, Denver, Omaha, Chicago area and the Washington DC area.

Applied Data Consultants Announces New Twin Cities' Office/Reorganization

August 16, 2012

Applied Data Consultants, Inc. (ADC) President Jim Ward announced today that the company is opening a new office in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area and reorganizing its Eau Claire, Wis. headquarters to better position ADC for future growth.

The new Twin Cities’ office will be directed by Business Development Manager Matt Rantala, who has 15 years of experience in geographic information systems (GIS) and web development. Rantala is a University of Wis.-Eau Claire alumni and has been with ADC for nearly a decade. Matt previously served as a GIS Consultant within the company.

ADC also has branch offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Omaha, greater Chicago area, and Charlottesville. The company headquarters are in Eau Claire.

Restructuring in the Eau Claire office includes:

  • VP/HR Director Kathy Nelson has become a shareholder in the company and is now Principal/HR Director;
  • VP/Marketing Director Susan Marcott has been promoted to CEO; and
  • VP/Technology Director Ron Bruder is now Operations Manager.

Ward said the new office and restructuring of the company will allow the company to expand its reach into new markets and will allow him to focus more on Extra Trax LLC, a subsidiary company of ADC also owned by Ward, which developed the Elite EXTRA product. Elite EXTRA is routing and tracking software that has customers in nearly every state and Canada and is growing exponentially.

ADC has clients throughout the nation, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, government entities of all sizes, General Motors, ADP, InfoGroup and others.

ADC to Develop New WI-DNR with Endangered Resources Portal

July 24, 2012

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI-DNR) recently contracted with ADC to build a new map-centric web portal for distributing and sharing rare species and natural communities’ data for the state. The WI-DNR maintains this data in what is known as the Natural Heritage Inventory (NHI), a program established to comply with Wisconsin's Endangered Species Law for tracking activities in the state for their potential impact on the rare species. By statute, they are also required to make this data available to all interested, yet authorized parties. Most importantly, the rare species inventory review is a key initial step in the larger WI-DNR permitting process. The planned improvements will allow for efficient and accurate assessments without delaying permit evaluations.

The WI-DNR solution for sharing and distributing the NHI data is known as the NHI Portal (, which offers searching, reporting and map display of the species information. The Portal plays a critical role in identifying whether an activity on a Wisconsin property, such as development, may impact a protected species and thus require a more thorough review from Department personnel.

A central and critical element of the Portal, however, the interactive mapping component is dated, unreliable and not on par with current WI-DNR usability standards. Based upon ESRI's ArcIMS mapping technology, the mapping experience in the Portal needed an upgrade from its 2005-era workflows, layouts and interaction. Internal resources for maintaining the ArcIMS site also became scarce, leaving them thin in options for troubleshooting and supporting, never mind improving the site.

In conjunction with WI-DNR staff, ADC will develop the new Portal using ESRI's ArcGIS® for Server 10.1 and the ArcGIS® API for JavaScript. This will allow for streamlined integration with the organization's current ESRI-based GIS infrastructure and with their existing geospatial data assets.

Work on the NHI Portal upgrade is currently underway and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012.

GeoCertification: Improved Data Confidence and Application Experience Through GeoFencing and GeoAnalytics

June 21, 2012
By Ron Bruder, VP/Director of Technology

The idea of a geofence or the process of geofencing in which a virtual perimeter is generated around a real-world geographic feature has experienced growing popularity in both technical as well as popular, consumer circles.

In the GIS world, the geofence itself is nothing more than an irregular areal or radial point buffer. However, with the near ubiquity of GPS feeds from mobile phones and dedicated GPS tracking devices, each generally tied to a person or worker, the number of new and potential applications for the “fences” has proliferated. The abilityto take some action, whether it be a marketing notification or a security alert, when a person or their vehicle moves in or out of a predefined area is being applied in many professional and consumer circles. This article will describe how geofencing can be employed as part of a larger, adaptive process, which we’ve dubbed “geocertification,” to improve data quality and geofencing results, and streamline overall user application experience.

How it Works
Elite EXTRA, an application of ADC, uses smart phones in conjunction with a robust geospatial and application software stack to provide package delivery routing and tracking across more than thirty U.S. states and parts of Canada. EXTRA for short, the program itself contains both browser-resident dispatch and administrative functionality in addition to native Android and forthcoming iOS mobile reporting and notification components. Heavily used in the automotive parts delivery industry, EXTRA allows the coordination, assigning, tracking and confirmation of parts delivery with the phones.

Primarily a business-to-business application, the delivery end points in EXTRA, while growing, are finite and often repeatable compared to business-to-consumer deliveries. Repair and auto body establishments receive deliveries to a same location over and over again. Therefore, in EXTRA each deliverylocation for a supplier, a point, can be mapped and have a geofence generated for it.

At each delivery, the driver, using the EXTRA mobile application, has a minimum of three required steps: Report Arrival, Report Delivery and Report Departure. When geofencing is enabled, at the time the delivery driver enters the predefined fence for their target location, 60 meters, the Report Arrival step is automatically completed. Integrity checks to eliminate false Arrival reporting, such as in an intentional or unintentional drive-by, are present. Automated Arrival is applied only when the device records a 2.5 mile per hour or less speed limit within the fence area. The opposite condition, a speed greater than 2.5 miles per hour within and then outside the fence, constitutes a Departure.

The efficiencies of this geofence-driven automation depend on high quality location data, both for the points around which the fences are generated and in the mobile GPS sensor. For the latter, we work with EXTRA clients to recommend phones and phone practices that will ensure the best quality phone location readings.

It is in the customer location delivery points where ADC developed the groundbreaking GeoCertification process, wherein the quality of and confidence in the delivery locations is improved through analysis of the empirical delivery data. Historical records of successful deliveries, gathered via geofencing, are scrutinized regularly using dedicated algorithms to determine their validity and precision.

Specifically, if a location has five or more reported successful geofenced deliveries, 10 meter buffers are generated around each delivery point and then a geometrical union is formed from the resultant shapes. If the unioned shape is a contiguous, single-part feature, it is considered a valid delivery location cluster. The geographical centroid of the unioned shape is then designated as the geocertified delivery location for that customer. The location is then frozen and used for subsequent geofence deliveries.

There are, of course, numerous ancillary steps that are applied to account for outliers in the recordings, both from technical limitations (i.e. phone GPS) and driver compliance issues (e.g. turning off GPS), as well as for real-world, valid changes in a client’s delivery location, such as the installation of a new loading dock that is more than 10 meters from the previous delivery point. A process of re-geofencing is then employed to account for these real world, yet valid location changes.

In summary, while valuable on its own, geofencing results can be run through an iterative and cyclical quality improvement filter to produce higher quality base locations for the fencing process, increasing the information integrity and allowing end users to have greater confidence in the data. In the case of EXTRA, this geoanalytical process is known as GeoCertification and it is employed to not only improve data quality, but also to increase the efficiency and ease of use of field-based mobile delivery application.

ADC Redesigns Site for Monroe County, Wis.

June 13, 2012

Monroe County's redesigned site features an updated, eye-pleasing and user-friendly layout featuring a rotating banner that showcases familiar places and landscapes in Monroe County.

A search option is located on every page to ensure users can easily find the information they are looking for.

County employees have access to a content management system to ensure information about their department and any events or meetings are always up-to-date.

Please checkout their recently released site today at

ADC Launches Site/Marketing Tools for New Online Learning Application

June 12, 2012

ADC recently launched a website and marketing materials for entrepreneur Jane Lewis' web application, Mobil Globil.

The site serves as a gateway to the product, which provides mobile access to continuing education credits.

The site provides an online chat feature that allows for immediate interaction with the client to engage them at the point of interest and also for support purposes.

There is an option to view a simple-to-follow presentation of the product and a contact form to get more information and to schedule a live demo.

Visit the site at

The marketing materials that were developed include a logo, brochure, business cards and statement of qualifications document that will help with branding and marketing of the product.

ADC Gives Barron County EDC's Website a Facelift

May 24, 2012

The Barron County Economic Development Corporation recently redesigned their website. Their homepage now includes a rotating image gallery that showcases local businesses and area landscapes. The new site features a user-friendly layout that helps users find what they're looking for quickly.

Other features of the site include an easy-to-use google search bar, contact and newsletter signup forms, interactive community and median household net worth maps, a prominent link to Momentum West's EAGL-i instance, which can help businesses to decide to move their business to the county, and other features.

The EDC also has access to an online content editor, which allows them to update their site at any time and from anywhere.

Check out their newly designed site today at

City Council Candidate Site Goes Live

January 30, 2012

City Council Presidential hopeful candidate Mike Bollinger came to ADC looking for a professional site where he could share information about his campaign, philosophies, life and experience.

The site features a flashy homepage banner, which showcases beautiful pictures of the city of Eau Claire. The site also features a short three-question survey that Mike is hoping many visitors will fill out so he can gain some insight and feedback from the public.

The site also features a blog that will include articles written by Mike about a number of issues. A countdown to election day serves as a reminder that all citizens of the city of Eau Claire should get out and vote.

Learn about Mike and his philosophies by visiting his new site at

Rusk County, Wis. Website Gets Redesigned

January 3, 2012

Rusk County, Wis. recently went live with a newly redesigned website by ADC4WEB.

Rusk County's new site features an updated and user friendly layout featuring a rotating banner showcasing photos of Rusk County. A search option is located on every page to ensure users can easily find the information they are looking for. Users are also able to easily print any page of the website, or save that page's content as a pdf.

County employees have access to a content management system to ensure information about their department and any events or meetings are always up to date. The site also features an employees-only section, which is safe-guarded by a username and password. In this area employees can access employee forms and information and can also make maintenance requests.

Take a minute to check out their new site at!

ADC to Present at Chippewa Valley Code Camp

November 2, 2011

Levi Felling, Marc Harter, Myles Steinhauser and Greg Ellingboe of ADC's Software Engineering Team will be attending the Chippewa Valley Code Camp on Sat. Nov. 12 at CVTC's Gateway Campus Eau Claire, Wisc. Marc and Myles will be presenting on the following topics:

Introduction to NodeJS
Presented By: Marc Harter
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
NodeJS is a Server Side JavaScript (SSJS) implementation built off the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. It is grown considerably in popularity since its initial public release last year. Why? Is it just a fad? What does it offer different from other server side languages and frameworks? What makes it stand out? In this talk, we will be discussing the answers to those questions as we look at design philosophy behind NodeJS. We will also look into its implementation and some demo applications. The goal is for you to come away with a clear understanding of what NodeJS is, what problems it tries to solve, and how it could be used in your application stack.

Zabbix: Infrastructure & Application Monitoring Made Easy
Presented By: Myles A. K. Steinhauser
Time: 02:15 PM - 03:30 PM
You've spent hours coding your application and making it stable, but how do you know when your servers go down? Even more, what happens when your application goes down? Learn how to know when your customers do and find trends and patterns into what's going on in your Stack.

ADC President Jim Ward Interviewed at Eau Claire Chamber Expo

October 18, 2011

Text courtesy of WQOW News 18. (View Video)

Eau Claire (WQOW) - As lawmakers focus on jobs in Madison, an event in Eau Claire puts the spotlight on local businesses.

The Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual Business Expo on Tuesday. More than 150 businesses set up shop, a record for the event. Of those, about 40 were there for the first time.

As a relatively new business to the Eau Claire area, The By Design Group wants to get its name out into the community.

"Interior design, corporate and residential window treatments, we have a graphic artist and we do business branding, logo design and creation," says Valerie Coushman, The By Design Group.

To help, this group of local professionals decided to participate in the Chamber's annual Business Expo.

"We're really big on working with local businesses and working with the Chamber and we thought it was important to come here and meet more people, more potential clients, potential vendors," says Coushman.

Applied Data Consultants has been in the area for the past 15 years, but this is the company's first year at the Business Expo.

"Our biggest goal is that networking piece, talk to other business owners," says Jim Ward, Applied Data Consultants President. "There's so much you can learn I think by finding out who's doing what and how they're doing it, how they're getting through the recession, what marketing techniques they might have and a lot of collaboration."

Besides connecting with clients and other businesses, the event is a way to promote local business as a way to grow the economy.

"We'd love to see everybody do as much business locally as they can, who knows who's going to bump into somebody that says 'you and I can partner on some things.," says Bob McCoy, Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce President.

"There's companies here that do a great job, you're probably going to save money," says Ward. "Anyone that can do something local, you're probably going to get the services or products a little bit cheaper, so it's sort of a win-win."

The business expo also featured a number of seminars such as ways to help companies cut costs and improve sales.

Web Mapping Sites Now Live

August 25, 2011

Washburn and Eau Claire Counties, both in Wisconsin, chose ADC's online mapping tool, WebGUIDE Xtreme (WGX) to serve their data to the web.

Washburn has been a WebGUIDE client since 2006 and is the third site that uses the Novus tax and assessment program that has been upgraded to WGX. WGX is fully integrated with the online Novus application to allow the users to access the Novus database directly through a link from WGX.

Eau Claire County has been working at integrating the City of Eau Claire tax and assessment data with the County data and serving it up online to provide the users one-stop shopping. In the past, the tax data has not been available for the City parcels.

Eau Claire County hopes to integrate further with the City as well as provide the option for users to pay their property taxes online with a direct link from WGX.

View Washburn's new WGX site at and Eau Claire's WGX site at

ADC Participates in Broadband Forum

August 11, 2011

Text courtesy of WQOW News 18

Eau Claire (WQOW) - Business and government leaders hope to connect when it comes to high-speed internet.

Wired Wisconsin estimates 26 percent of rural residents in the state don't have access to broadband internet. Some areas that already have it don't have adequate broadband. On Thursday, a forum was held in Eau Claire to discuss the future of broadband.

As a software and data service company, Applied Data Consultants relies heavily on the internet.

"We host a lot of those applications, a lot of them for local government we host in an attempt to keep the cost down, so we try to do a lot of our own hosting, but that of course relies on some pretty high-speed broadband internet," says Jim Ward, Applied Data Consultants President.

However, broadband internet isn't available in all parts of the state. Ward says that can slow down business.

"You lose a little bit of the efficiency this type of technology affords you in that they don't have to run all the way back to the warehouse, find out what they need," says Ward.

Thad Nation, with Wired Wisconsin, says expanding broadband to the entire state could help attract jobs.

"Whether it's for orders, whether it's for linking their employees, whether it's for getting their suppliers this has become as important to a business as electricity or a telephone, sometimes even more important," says Thad Nation, Wired Wisconsin Executive Director.

Expanding broadband to all parts of the state will require work by both the private and public sectors. Forums, like Thursday's, are a way to get that dialogue going.

"I heard one statistic that says you have to have 200 customers per mile to make it profitable," says Sen. Terry Moulton (R) 23rd Senate District. "Well that's just not feasible in some of the rural areas so maybe something like a tax incentive to provide a business the opportunity to invest in that area."

And growing broadband in an area is something Ward is familiar with.

"There was only one option when we started transitioning to internet-based software and it was costly, it certainly stymied growth a little bit," says Ward. "The state helped with some tax credits, they helped us connect up to another ISP in the area so we had two options and certainly within the last two years a third option and even a fourth has been available."

Nation says not only is broadband important in attracting businesses to the state, but employees are also looking for jobs in areas were broadband is widely available to use at home.

According to the FCC, it would cost $350 billion do expand broadband coverage to the entire United States.

Outagamie County, Wis. WGX Site is Live

July 12, 2011

Outagamie County has gone live with the latest version of our web mapping application, WGXtreme (WGX).

Unlike other WGX sites, Outagamie is hosting all of the data in-house while ADC hosts the WGX application. All of the map services will be built by the County. With the County hosting the data onsite, they are able to maintain an update schedule that suits their needs.

To view Outagamie's WGX site, see

Monroe County, Wis. Chooses ADC for Web Mapping Site

July 12, 2011

Monroe County is the latest county to proceed with implementing the WGX online mapping program.

Monroe has been a long-standing client of ADC and we are looking forward to providing them with a mapping site that will exceed the expectations of their users.

ADC Redesigns Website for Expanding Cleaning Service Company

July 7, 2011

ADC recently redesigned a website for Fresh N Kleen, Inc., a professional cleaning service that provides a variety of cleaning services throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

The client contacted ADC for a redesign in hopes of gaining more business throughouttheir newly expanded service area. ADC's graphic artist revamped the site with new graphics and a fresh look.

The new site features a job board where users can view open positions and also apply for jobs online. The site also includes a staff photo gallery so that clients can learn more about the company.

Learn more about Fresh N Kleen by visiting their site at